The Integra DC was designed and built for sustainable operations based on the latest generation of cold storage technology; our compressors use Freon gas (ammonia substitute that is used on a large scale by similar companies), which reduces significantly the risk of harming the environment or the workers involved in the process.

We also use a electric power generation system (self-generation) with the latest solar panels that employ solar energy to generate much of the power consumed at the unit and help reduce our carbon footprint.

The power distribution supplied for the unit meets the same sustainability criteria and eliminates the need for traditional oil-cooled electrical power transformers by using a dry coil system.

The facility operates a rainwater collection to reduce the treated water consumption to irrigate landscape and clean common areas.

The landscape design of the common areas (surrounding the distribution center) includes anti-erosion protection with small trees and vegetation to preserve the environment.

The primary base of the inner floor is made of high density substrate covered with a epoxy mineral aggregate. This material minimizes possible wear and tear/deterioration that might cause environmental contamination.

High flame resistant panels (PIR) were applied to the thermal insulation to increase safety in the building.

The external transit area (patios and access roads) consists of pavers that help absorb rainwater and eliminate the risk of damaging the soil (asphalt contamination, etc.).

The waste generated in the process is transported to licensed waste and recycling companies for correct processing, which also prevents contamination and dumping in inappropriate locations.