These services began to be offered by Integra August / 2015. They were designed in a similar way to other existing negotiations, and that the sum of forces of the assets of the companies brings attractive bargaining for Insurers enabling reduced costs awards of coverages and reliability / security in the transfer of risks of operations for insurance.

Strategic tool as Consulting option in Risk Management in Operations / Production and Cargo Transport following the best practices of COSO and ISO 31000 - Risk Management with the measurement, identification, treatment and transfer of the main risks for Specific Insurance (new or contractor) including revision of existing policies to understand whether they are meeting the company's expectations.

We are not insurance brokers, our services go much beyond that. We started a new product that will support buyers on negotiating their insurance policy and manage the risks of this policies. Our risk management and insurance department will bring knowledge and confidence to customers including support in cases of claims of losses helping in the recovery and compensation for the same.

A professional qualified with years of experience in the agribusiness industries sector and national and international certifications, helps buyers / financial and insurance companies to choose the best selection of policies and Risk Management in operations in order to minimize costs of both sides of business.

The Integra manages the entire process of valuation of assets to be insured to offer insurance and issuance of policy negotiated by the parties. Our service does not end at this point, we continue monitoring the companies and assets to always reduce risk and reduce risk exposure in search of cost savings and better value to business partners.

Insurance modalities to provide our customers:

• Property Insurance (Industrial Plants, Cold Storages, Feed Plants, Hatcheries, etc ..);
• Engineering Risks Insurance (New Buildings, Expansions, Rebuildings, etc );
• Vehicles Insurance (Trucks, Buses, Light vehicles, aircraft, etc ..);
• National Cargo Insurance and International (Import and Export);
• Credit Insurance (Domestic and Export);
•  Liability Insurance;
• D & O Insurance (Civil Responsibility for Management and Management);
• Insurance E & O (Errors and Omissions professionals)
• Life Insurance Group and Individual;
• Health Insurance (Health Care and Dental Plans for Employees and Directors);
• Judicial Guarantee Insurance;
• Environmental Insurance;
• Other (to be announced)