Our team is highly qualified professionals specialized in industrial and agroindustrial inputs and raw materials, such as:


- Additives for food industry;

- Additives, veterinary medicines and vaccines;

- Calibration, measurement and maintenance of scales in general;

- Commodities (Soybeans, Corn, Soy Meal, and others);

- Packaging;

- Production equipment and accessories for slaughter plants production, cold storage, hatcheries and feed mills;

- LED lighting equipment;

- Individual and collective protection equipment;

- Live chicken, breeders and one day-old chicks;

-  International road, rail, sea maritime and cabotage shipping;

- Industrial sanitation;

- Macro and micro ingredients for animal feed;

- Vegetable and animal by-products;

- Insurance (property, fleet, local and international cargo, credit ,D&O, liability, biological and environmental liability, among others);