The Integra DC and cold storage is located in Apucarana City, Paraná, Brazil. Strategically located along the BR 376 highway, the DC is 65 km far from Londrina, 350 km far from Curitiba and 450 miles far from the port of Paranaguá.

Its current structure comprises the following:                                                                        

·         - Total area of 224,000 m²;

·         - Built up area of 12,000 m²;

·         - 2 frozen chambers with capacity for 8,050 ton;

·         - 1 refrigerated chamber with capacity for 1,000 ton with possible expansion;

·         - Storage for dry products (500 ton with the possibility of quick expansion);

·         - 2 recovering freezing tunnels (100 ton each);

·         - 13 loading/unloading with level adjustment docks (11 cooled docks and 2 dry docks).

·         - 26 energy plugs for trucks/containers (voltage 380v and 440v).

·         - Parking Patio for 70 trucks capacity.

·         - Truck washer.


We used movable racks (German Technology) as a storage system to increase efficiency in the cooling and optimize space. 

We are certified by the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply) and have our own inspection facility number for the category of meats and by-product storage (C-08), milk and frozen fish and cold storage facility (EF-2), meeting all the demands of the domestic export market.                                                           

We provide an antechamber with the ideal space for picking and receiving/dispatch totalling 2,000 m² in an air-conditioned environment with temperatures of +5°C.

Our facility have equipment available for the right handling of products (retractable, air-conditioned forklifts, pallet jacks and electric forklifts)