The Integra was formed in 2001 by the strength and vision of its shareholders. With the primary objective of generating competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises which at that time began and faced what were giants in the poultry market.

Among the first responsibilities of Integra, on facilitating the purchase of inputs, we aimed to use the potential volume of these companies to negotiate better purchase prices of their inputs to obtain a competitive operating costs and at the end of the chain, selling price fertile eggs, chicks and chicken also able to compete on the market a prominent position among its competitors.
Its shareholders are now working throughout the poultry chain from genetics, production of hatching eggs and day-old chicks to own farms and integrated and ultra modern slaughterhouses that meet the stringent quality standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Production and Supply (MAPA) to supply the domestic market and export to Middle East, Europe, Japan and other Asian and African countries.
Many years have passed and today the Integra evolved, as well as their shareholders among the major producers of poultry products featured in the national and world stage.
With the help of Integra, shareholders now appear with the third largest slaughterer of birds of Brazil with the approximate figure of 2.4 million birds per day, as well as a number of position in the commercial genetic with the daily production 2.2 million day-old chicks. They are significant numbers that make Integra and its shareholders a major driving force in the State of Paraná poultry and their municipalities and Brazil.
The importance of its shareholders locally is reflected in the number of direct jobs created that are over 100,000  and more 400,000 indirect, in more than five Brazilian states with emphasis in the state of Paraná.
Integra continues today working in the shopping intermediation segment of inputs, but with a direction forming the supply chain and not simply negotiating prices as it was in its beginning, also engaged in the sale of intermediation of the end products of its shareholders in domestic and foreign market, the domestic and export logistics support, in the commercial and operational intelligence and other corporate areas as finance, insurance, energy, refrigerated storage and other unique services in the market.
Since 2013 the Integra also offers its brokerage services to any company's animal protein production area both poultry as beef, pork and fish. This expansion of activities of border due to its high performance to deliver value to its customers, whether shareholders or not the Integra and strong relationships with supplier partners of the meat industry supply chain which makes us unique in the type of service and delivering results to clients.
We do not act only in the negotiation stage; also operate in the technical area to seek alternative raw materials for the production chain, new production technologies and animal nutrition, production equipment, financial services, credit, to support exports both technical, commercial and logistical, to promote, among other activities that arise from our customers' needs. We are always ready to support our customers in a simple, practical and efficient, with immediate results not only by the volume of traded products, but the synergy of buyers, sellers and professionals Integra which together hold the results from day to day business.
Become part of this team of satisfied customers and contact us, we will be happy to know their needs and contribute to its development.